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Please answer the following question if you plan to purchase a pistol, revolver, or semiautomatic assault rifle.

Do you certify you are eligible to possess a pistol, revolver, and/or semiautomatic assault rifle under RCW 9.41.040 and 9.41.045?

This portal is for entering only necessary information for a firearms background check in Washington State. Use of this system constitutes your permission for WSP to use your personally identifiable information (PII) for the purposes of a firearm background check only.

By entering your PII into this portal, you are consenting to the Washington State Patrol (WSP) saving it for use in auto populating data fields within the Secure Automated Firearms E-Check (SAFE) system. This information will be used to conduct the required firearm background check should you decide to purchase, transfer, pre-pawn check or redeem from pawn any firearm in Washington State.

Once you have clicked ‘submit’, an eight (8) character code will be generated for you to provide to a firearm dealer for them to use in completing the firearm background check SAFE entry form. The code is only used to populate the background check information within SAFE at the time of the firearm purchase/transfer. If you discover you made a mistake after clicking ‘submit’, you will need to complete a new application and obtain a new eight (8) character code.

This information will be retained by WSP within the SAFE system for 30 days or until the eight (8) character code is entered by the firearm dealer as part of the background check transaction, unless the background check results in a denial. In the case of ‘proceeded’ (approved) background checks, all PII will be purged in accordance with state and Federal law unless you requested for it be retained for the full 30 days below. PII for ‘denied’ background checks is retained for three (3) years, along with the reason for denial information, for appeal purposes.